Kaitlin Class of 2014|Senior Photographer, Suffolk, VA

Kaitlin was so gorgeous and sooooooo cooperative when I asked her for a 3rd time to stroll the beach for just a few more shots (thanks again)! We took full advantage of the wonderful weather and locations to use we have here on the east coast of VA. The sun set fast at the end of her session and I know her Sr year will probably feel like it went by just as quick too.

Thanks for choosing me to capture this moment!

Kaitlin is Just Beachy: September 2013

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Mr. and Mrs. Bunke’s 50th|Couples Photographer, Belton, TX

I have had the privilege of knowing the Bunkes for about 15 years now. They are the kind of people that when it is crunch for decorating for your wedding and they just drove 15 hours or more from 2 states over they still jump right in and help things get done (which I am still thankful for). They are also the kind of people that call to check on you after the birth of your 23 weeker and let you know they are there for you and praying. They are also the kind of people who aren’t just spending their golden years to just relax and lounge they are using the years as fierce advocates against child abuse and ride their motorcycles with fellow BACA members (yes you read that right ride motorcycles). I was really a true privilege to be able to capture this wonder couple for their 50th wedding anniversary.

Happy Golden Anniversary Bunkes!: August 2013

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The “B Boys” | Children’s Photographer, Suffolk, VA

We had some weather issues for the first double minisession date then on the reschedule as well. A thrid date was set and the weather was great. The “B Boys” have grown so much since the days M was in my C1’s preK class.B was jus a baby and now is in preschool! It was a pleasure capturing these boys at one of their fishing spots on a great afternoon.

The B boys: March 2013

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Baby E-Pearl one Tough Lil Chic | Suffolk, VA Newborn Photographer

Miss E-P is child 4 for the Gs. She was their biggest heading towards 9.5Lbs and trying to go nowhere but as her Mom said “She has been given her eviction notice” then into the world she came in Jan of 2013. She is beautiful like her older sister E & her Mom. However, on session day she was one tough Lil Chic to photograph. Not one “typical” newborn picture was taken but that is ok I still got to spend precious sweet time with her and her Mom.

What do you do as a photographer when life hands you one tough little chic? You go outside and take pictures of chickens!

Introducing Baby E-Pearl and her clucky lady friends: Taken 02-01-2013

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Happy Holidays | Suffolk, VA Children’s Photographer

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It’s been crazy around our house for a couple of months but I did manage to snap a few pictures of the girls including the one below. These dresses were a bargin in an aftersale at Sam’s Club and were waiting almost a full year to be worn to see Santa. As usual I had grand plans for proper portraits of my kids that then fell to the wayside during all the hustle and bustle that starts at our house at the end of August.

Happy Holidays!: Taken Dec 22, 2012


Baby A is Here! | Suffolk, VA Newborn Photographer

Baby A was really on his way only 3 weeks after Mom A’s maternity session he was born. Born biggest of the K’s kiddos he is a handsome little man. Biggest and Big sisters are so sweet with him. He was a little upset at the end of the session and not even a room full of toys kept them from coming in and giving him a kiss and hug.

Enjoy that baby boy and this sneek peak!

Introducing A: Taken September 2012

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1st “B-Day” | Suffolk, VA Infant Photographer

Though it wasn’t a real photography session it was a real special occasion and pictures were taken…many pictures were taken. It was C2’s 1st B-Day. Almost impossible to believe a whole year has gone by BUT it has. Seems not so long ago she was born and just 2 weeks later home from the Level II NICU. Well enjoy these b-day snapshots and “Happy B-Day” C2!

C2: Taken September 2012

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