Suffolk, VA March of Dimes| Events Photographer

It was a rainy chilly walk day for the March of Dimes annual event. Along with many rain drops hitting walkers some of the pictures got “hit” too. The walk was a success! Along with Shelby Bazemore Photography I volunteered again this year to help photograph the event. Enjoy the slide show below the collage.

We are so proud of our girls and the awareness they have brought over the years to the mission of March of Dimes. The March of Dimes has a special place in our family. Its research funding developed a substance called surfactant which helped our 23 weeker (C1)  have a chance to survive. Its funded research also was the first to isolate a club foot gene which will one day possibly help those like our youngest (C2). Thanks to all those who volunteer, fundraise, donate and walk to support this wonderful organization. If you or your group wants copies please contact me 🙂

ewcouture-10x20-storyboard4_2smaller copy

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